Umbria Bella is both a place and a state of mind. On our country lane, the essence of this ancient region pervades the air. Olives trees line much of the road and during harvest season, the voices of the pickers ring out across the valley, as friends and neighbors gather to pick olives. During the summer the green of the trees is accented by the sunflowers which fill the adjacent fields with yellow. In winter, snow dusts the leaves of the sleeping trees as they wait for spring and blossom time. The pace of life here follows the seasons, just as the trees do. We mark time as they did in the old days, by watching the weather and the olives.

If you seek memories, think about traveling the olive oil routes in Umbria. All across the region, there are places to taste and buy local extra virgin olive oil. Make the experience a part of your culinary vacation, as way of educating yourself to know what good oil tastes like, as well as to experience the ambience that is an essential part of a local olive oil culture.

Stay at La Casetta Rosa and you will be in the center of Umbria, with views across the needlepoint of olive orchards and vineyards. We will direct you to the best of the region and let you taste the premier oils of Umbria.