Health Care in Central Italy: the GP’s Office

The doctor's office

The GP’s office in the village is the center of the universe. Here, anyone who takes a prescription medicine provided by the national health is required to see the doctor once a month to get a refill. In this way, the medical system ensures that any obvious problems can be identified quickly. The visiting dottoressa comes for an hour or two weekdays (except, mysteriously, not the day before a public holiday) and those who see her regularly memorize the schedule, which is different depending on the day of the week.

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White Tablecoth Dining in Umbria

Though some of us may try to deny it, research shows we all come to a Italy for the food. (This is not to say we aren’t appreciative of the amazing art). Since cuisine is an integral part of a region’s culture, no one should be ashamed when they dig into a steaming plate of pasta with truffles or porcini mushrooms. After all, this is locavore stuff, food that is sourced within a local area. We are respecting Mother Nature and the seasons. When a trattoria won’t do and a meal in a “white tablecloth” restaurant is the order of the day (birthday, anniversary, or simply the love of discovering great places), there are dozens of fine dining establishments to choose from in Umbria.

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